W88 Lite – Security Lock Feature

Just continue to enjoy W88 (W88 Lite App) with your device security lock setup!

As we knew, smartphone plays the most important part of our daily valuables item, still in this digital world, its also a very crucial moment when our sensitive information been leaked out which causes scamming easy to take place.

That’s why in W88 we always ensure that our members details are always treated confidential and we strive for best to look for a solutions to allow member not just only playing with convenience but also security comes first at the same time.

All the services in W88 Lite App will be locked once your phone went idle for 1 minute, and to re-activate the service all you need is just use your pin/pattern/password based on your device’s security lock setup. Now that’s what we called gaming with ease and worry free!





If you need any help or have any questions, please contact our 24/7 customer service via Live Chat for further assist.



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