Our Unique Approach

The only bookmaker offers four different type of Sports Betting systems namely a-Sports, e-Sports, i-Sports, u-Sports for our players betting experience and enjoyment that give yourself the best chance to win more. What you need to do is to have a valid registered account with us and enough funds to cover your bets. That’s all! We will take care of the rest.

Play All 4 Different Sports Betting System in One Login


1. Best Odds

Quite simply, you are able to review, compare and bet  on the best odds possible. Thus, this will give yourself the best chance to win more. Since you are able to place bets on all the four betting systems (a-Sports, e-Sports, i-Sports and u-Sports), generally you are able to compare the best odds online.

2. The Highest Limits

You have a better edge from the rest since you are allowed to place your bets on all the sports betting system that made available for you, so relatively, you are able to place your bets using different type of limits to maximum your winnings. This has earned us an industry leading reputation as the Sports Bookmaker of choice based on our unique approach in the online gaming.

3. The Highest Matches and Bet Types

With more than 15 thousands of matches in a month, the highest coverage of live betting in running with more than 100 or more bet types that’s make us so unique when you play on a-Sports, e-Sports, i-Sports and u-Sports.

4. Match Analysis and Tools

W88 is the only bookmaker to welcome players to use all the relevant match analysis tools from our providers without extra costs or the need to become a member. You are certainly have a better edge than the rest before you place a bet.

5. Rebates

Earning rebates throughout all the Sports Betting System. Isn’t that great?

6. Play All 4 Sports in One Monitor

We allowed our players to opened all the four different Sports instead of limited to one Sports in a single browser at a time. This is the unique benefits to our players for better odds comparisons and speedy bets confirmation to captured the best bets as much as possible.

Play 4 Sports in One Monitor




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