The Chinese Zodiac—Tiger

The Tiger ranks the third of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to an animal sign according to a 12-year-cycle.

Lucky Colors: blue, grey, orange, white
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4
Lucky Flowers: yellow lily, cineraria
Year of Birth: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

The Tiger’s Personality: Brave, Confident…
People born in the year of the Tiger are brave, competitive, unpredictable, and self-confident. They are very charming and well-liked by others. But sometimes they are likely to be impetuous, irritable, and overindulged.

With stubborn personalities and tough judgment, tigers work actively and boldly express themselves, and do things with a high-handed manner. They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said.

With great confidence and indomitable fortitude, they can be competent leaders. They will not make preparations for anything, but they can handle anything that comes along.

While they are not motivated by money or power,

Tigers love be challenged and will accept any challenge if it means important value to them, and they do not like to obey others.

Good Health for “Tigers”
Tigers enjoy good health. They are active so they like to do various sports. Small illnesses, such as colds, coughs, and fever, are rarely experienced by Tigers.

However, they should avoid excessive strenuous exercise, because some dangerous activities may lead to physical harm. When involved in outdoor excise, they should pay particular attention to warm-up exercise. Aerobic exercises, such as jogging, are suitable for keeping fit.

Tigers are energetic and have great enthusiasm at work. When they feel exhausted after extended work, they need some relaxation to refresh themselves.

The Best Jobs or Career for Tigers
The Tiger, called “the king of the animals” in China, is usually the center of attention. They are born with leadership, and they are respected by others. Tigers are suitable to any career as leaders.

They are suited to careers such as advertising agent, office manager, travel agent, actor, writer, artist, pilot, flight attendant, musician, comedian, and chauffeur.

However, in their early years, Tigers’ careers are not so smooth. After their thirties they find their direction and gather wealth.

How to Build Relationships with “Tigers”
In social relationships, Tigers are always in the dominant role.

Due to mistrust and over confidence, Tigers do not like to communicate with others, so they are not good at coordinating in social circles. They are inclined to use commanding means to deal with interpersonal relationships. Even though they are acquainted with a lot of people, they do not further the relationships to deep friendship.

Understanding, patience, and tact are needed when dealing with Tigers.

In love relationships, Tigers cannot give sweet love to their partners because they lack a sense of romance. Partners need to be equally active to keep up with the Tiger’s sense of adventure.

The Luckiest Things for “Tigers”
Lucky numbers: 1, 3, and 4 and numbers containing them (like 13 and 43)
Lucky days: the 16th and 27th of any Chinese lunar calendar month
Lucky colors: blue, gray, orange
Lucky flowers: yellow lily, cineraria
Lucky direction: east, north, south
Lucky months: the 3rd, 7th, and 10th Chinese lunar months.
Things That Should Be Avoided by “Tigers”
Unlucky colors: brown
Unlucky numbers: 6, 7, and 8
Unlucky direction: southwest
Unlucky months: the 1st, 4th, 5th and 11th Chinese lunar months

Career Trend
Tigers should deal with difficulties and conflicts in their career calmly and struggle for their survival flexibly and diligently, or they will have an overwhelming defeat. One point that they should pay special attention to is that they must be flexible enough to adjust their strategies to the changing environment when encountering issues that do not run smoothly.

Four months must be made full use of if they want to reach a breakthrough in their career, namely the second, fifth, sixth and tenth Chinese lunar months, when few difficulties will occur in their career.

Money-Making Opportunities
Tigers will not be blessed due to their poor fortune trend in 2016. They should avoid any high-risk investments in the first, fourth, and seventh, Chinese lunar months even though others may make a profit due to good market prospects.

Not only will they not have any benefits in the other months (in addition to the months above), but accidents may also happen to them. Instead of being careless and inadvertent, they must carefully manage their finances and save money in case of an emergency.

Health Trend
Tigers will be very vulnerable to illnesses due to poor health; therefore, they should look after themselves well to avoid catching acute infectious diseases, especially in the fourth, seventh, and tenth Chinese lunar months.

In addition, they should stop bad habits like smoking and drinking, and be wary of drugs. Great attention should be paid to their dental health as it will be easy for them to become ill via oral infections. Instead of concealing an illness and avoiding treatment, they should go to see a doctor immediately.

Relationship Trend
It will be hard for Tigers to fall in love due to their dramatically unstable emotions in 2016; therefore, they will not experience any love.

As far as their romantic relationships are concerned, the worst times for them will be in the first, second, and tenth Chinese lunar months. However, it will totally depend on them to make any developments in the relationships.

They should deal with their relationships naturally instead of rashly and forcefully, or they will be cheated both emotionally and financially.

Love Compatibility: Is She/He Compatible with You?
Each animal sign has its unique characteristics. Love compatibility among Chinese zodiac animals mostly takes into account the general characteristics of each animal. Only those whose characteristics match each other well can be good partners. See below the compatibility of the Tiger with other animals.

Best with: Dragon, Horse, or Pig
Worst with: Ox, Snake, or Monkey

The Chinese Zodiac --- Tiger

The Chinese Zodiac — Tiger

What Type of “Tiger” Are You: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, or Water?
In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth, which means that e.g. a Wood Tiger comes once in a 60-year cycle.

It is theorized that a person’s characteristics are decided by their birth year’s zodiac animal sign and element. So there are five types of Tigers, each with different characteristics:

The Chinese Zodiac --- Tiger

The Chinese Zodiac — Tiger

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