The Chinese Zodiac—Ox

The Ox occupies the second position in the Chinese Zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year-cycle.

  • Lucky Colors: white, yellow, green
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 4
  • Lucky Flowers: tulip, morning glory, peach blossom
  • Year of Birth: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021
The Chinese Zodiac --- Ox

The Chinese Zodiac — Ox

The Oxes’ Personality: Diligent, Dependable…
Oxes are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. Having an honest nature, Oxes have a strong patriotism for their country, have ideals and ambitions for life, and attach importance to family and work. These things reflect the traditional characteristics of conservatives. Women belonging to the Ox zodiac sign are traditional, faithful wives, who attach great importance to their children’s education.
Having a desire to advance and great patience, Oxes can achieve their goals by consistent efforts. They are not influenced by others or the environment, but persist to do things in accordance with their ideas and capabilities. Before taking action, they will have a definite plan with detailed steps and add their strong faith and physical strength. So people of the Ox zodiac sign enjoy great success as a result.

The most disadvantageous trait in Oxes is poor communication skills. They are not good at communicating with others, and even think it not worthwhile exchanging ideas with others. They are stubborn and stick to their own ways.

Good Health for “Oxes”
Oxes are strong and robust; they can enjoy a fairly healthy and long life, fulfilled lives, and little illness.

Because of hard work with a stubborn personality, they often spend too much time in their work, rarely allowing themselves enough time to relax, and tend to forget meals, which make them have intestinal problems. So enough rest and a regular diet are needed for Oxes to work efficiently.

With a stubborn temperament, they find it easy to bear stress and tension, and they are reluctant to reveal themselves to others. Proper relaxation and regular short trips will benefit the Ox.

The Best Careers for “Oxes”
As the symbol of hard work, Ox people always work hard at everything and stick to finishing it. Possessing a serious and responsible attitude toward work, they can come up with different approaches to their task.

With a keen eye for details and an admirable work ethic, they are competent in such careers as agriculture, manufacturing, pharmacy, mechanics, engineering, draftsmanship, artistry, politics, real estate, interior design, painting, carpentry, or quarry work.

How to Build Relationships with “Ox People”?
Ox people are not good at communicating with others, so they have less social intercourse. They prefer to stay alone and enjoy solitude instead of participating in group activities. They treat friends sincerely and count much on friendship.

For love relationships, Oxen tend to keep a long term relationship with their lovers. Frequent changes of lover make them uncomfortable. Ladies of the Ox zodiac sign lack femininity. If they can realize their inadequacies, and change their cautious attitude of indifference to affection and enthusiasm, they will have love relationships to their hearts’ desire.

The Luckiest Things for “Oxes”
Lucky numbers: 1, 4, and numbers containing 1 and 4 (like 14 and 41)
Lucky days: the 13th and 27th of every Chinese lunar months
Lucky colors: white, yellow, and green
Lucky flowers: tulip, morning glory, and peach blossom
Lucky direction: north and south
Lucky months: the 7th and 9th Chinese lunar months

Things That Should Be Avoided by “Oxes”
Unlucky color: blue
Unlucky numbers: 5 and 6
Unlucky direction: southwest
Unlucky months: the 4th and 11th Chinese lunar months

Bright Career Prospects

People born in a Year of the Ox will have bright career prospects in this Year of the Monkey. In spite of small disruptions, they will still be fully creative and it is essential that they are not hesitant.

Moreover, the career fortune for Oxes will be extremely smooth in the sixth, eleventh, and twelfth Chinese lunar months, and they should seize the good opportunities.

One point that Oxes should know is that the support given by other people will be the key to their success. Those who are loved and supported by others will be prosperous. Wherever they go, they should remember to treat others with sincerity and be cooperative; otherwise, their chances of success will be largely reduced.

They should be careful and cautious against accidents in the fourth, and eighth Chinese lunar months.

Unstable Money-Making Opportunities

Money-making opportunities for people born in a Year of the Ox will be unstable. They should not long for a windfall or high profits at work. Instead, they should manage their finances carefully and be cautious when investing. They should also stay far away from gambling and any venture businesses.

People born in a Year of the Ox will have the most dismal monetary fortune in the first, fifth, and tenth Chinese lunar months. They must manage their finances carefully or they will suffer great losses.

In the second, fifth, and sixth Chinese lunar months, they will have a better fortune, and their wealth and power will also be good, although it will only last for a short time.

Good Health

People born in a Year of the Ox will have good health in this Year of the Monkey. Even if they sometimes have ailments, they will recover quickly by taking medicine. However, they should ensure they follow a healthy diet to avoid being susceptible to any illnesses. In particular, they must not take any drugs.

They should be especially careful when they go out at night in the first, third, fourth, eighth, and twelfth Chinese lunar months, and they must be wary of being attacked and robbed on the street. They should also watch out for the health of senior family members and must not be reckless.

Fickle Love and Relationships

People born in a Year of the Ox will have fickle relationships in this Year of the Monkey; therefore, they must be careful to nurture love. Also, they should not be too implicit and passive towards love or they will face difficulties.

It will be easy for them to have stormy relationships in the fifth, sixth and eleventh Chinese lunar months. They must not act on impulse for fear that their relationship will break down. However, they will have smooth relationships in the seventh, tenth and twelfth Chinese lunar months.

Love Compatibility: Is She/He Compatible with You?
Each animal sign has its unique characteristics. Love compatibility within the Chinese zodiac animals mostly takes the general characteristics of each animal into account. Only those whose characteristics match each others, can be good partners. The Ox is…

Best with: Rat, Monkey, or Rooster.
Worst with: Tiger, Dragon, Horse, or Goat.

The Chinese Zodiac --- Ox

The Chinese Zodiac — Ox

What Type of “Ox” Are You: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, or Water?
In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. For example, a Wood Ox comes once in a 60-year cycle.

It is theorized that a person’s characteristics are decided by their birth year’s zodiac animal sign and element. So there are five types of Oxes, each with different characteristics:

The Chinese Zodiac --- Ox

The Chinese Zodiac — Ox

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