Poker New Promotion – Daily Mission

Daily Mission is absolutely free and you will be able to enjoy an entirely new poker experience every day!

  • Up to an instant maximum cash reward of $3,000!
  • Win $3 instantly simply by completing 3 consecutive daily missions
  • Daily Mission is an on-going promotion with no expiration date


What is Daily Mission?
  • It is a promotion that issues instant cash rewards when you successfully complete consecutive daily missions.

* Rewards issued upon meeting consecutive daily mission streak

Day Rewards
Day 3 $3
Day 7 $50
Day 15 $150
Day 30 $3,000
  • New missions will be given to each player daily at 00:00:00 (UTC+0).

– Please be sure to check the missions daily in order to successfully complete them. Any unchecked mission will not be acknowledged!

– You will only be able to complete a mission from the time you check it until 23:59:00 (UTC+0) of a given day.

  • If you had completed the previous day’s mission, you will be able to proceed towards completing the next day’s mission for the consecutive streak.
  • If you did not complete the previous day’s mission, you will start with a new mission and revert back to Day 1.
  • Each daily mission will be based on Hold’em, Omaha, AoF, or Tournaments. They are given randomly for each player.
  • Each mission will have specific requirements that a player must complete and may only apply to specific game types.

– Example of a Daily Mission

A daily mission requiring a player to ‘Perform No-Look All-In’ will only apply to Hold’em and Omaha games.

In actuality, No-Look All-In is only available at Hold’em and Omaha games and as such, it is important to note that each mission may only apply to specific game types.

  • Depending on the mission type, the determination of a successful mission will occur at the completion of a hand or tournament.
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