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The unbeatable value of W88 Sports odds covers all type of Odds and uniquely the best odds online.

Firstly and let’s try to understand the various type of Odds Display are available on W88 Sports before we unleash to the meaning of Best Odds?

One of the first things that any player should master is how to read betting odds from the various betting systems offers on W88 Sports. The Five (5) main Odds Types in use are Hong Kong Odds, Malay Odds, Indonesian Odds, American Odds and Decimal Odds which will all be covered briefly below.

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Type of Odds Display




Let’s begin with the most common version of odds are widely use on W88 Sports.

1. DEC – Decimal Odds,

DEC Odds or Decimal Odds, also known as European Odds, express the amount of money which will be returned to the player on a 1 unit stake.

For an example, say Manchester United is favoured in giving to win 1.33, then a $100 bet will give you back $133 in total. This type of Decimal Odds are probably the easiest to use among the five types of Odds available on W88 Sports.

Decimal Odds by aSports


2. MY – Malay Odds (also refer as Malaysian Odds)

MY – Malay Odds are expressed in decimals, either positive (+) or negative (-) and are one way to correspond the relationship between your stakes and your potential profits on a given bet. Malay Odds are just the opposite from American Odds and Indonesian Odds. Just a sample of Decimal Odds 2.50, American Odds is +150, Indonesian Odds is +1.50 and the Malay Odds is -0.67 but if Decimal Odds is 1.50, American Odds is -200, Indonesian Odds is -2.00  and for Malay Odds is +0.50.

Example from aSports Malay Odds:

Manchester United to beat Swansea, Malay Odds is -0.86. That means if you stake $100 and your payout is $186.00. If you stake $100 on Swansea @ Malay Odds 0.82 and your payout is $182.00

 Malay Odds by aSports


3. Indonesian Odds (or also refer as Indo Odds)

Indo Odds are like American Odds. When a negative (-), they show how big the wager is needed for a profit of 1 and a positive (+), they show the profit from a wager of 1. To convert American Moneyline Odds into an Indo Odds style, the American Odds are divided by 100.

Manchester United to beat Swansea, Indo Odds is 1.12. That means if you stake $100 and your payout is $221.00. If you stake $100 on Swansea @ Indo Odds -1.21 and your payout is $221.00

Indonesian Odds aSports

4. Hong Kong Odds (or also refer as HK Odds)

Hong Kong or HK Odds are relatively easy to understand. You will notice a lot of similarities between HK Odds and other odds such as Malay Odds.

Say, Manchester United to beat Swansea is 0.84. The means if you stake $100 and your payout is $184 (100 x 0.84), that means that for each $100 you bet, you will win $84. If you stake Swansea @ 1.09 and your payout is $209.00 (100 x 1.09).

Hong Kong Odds aSports

5. American Odds (or refer as US Odds)

American Odds (or sometimes called Money Line) are displayed as lines. The odds are expressed with a positive (+) sign and a negative (-) sign. All these signs represents how much you would win for a 100 unit stake. For example Odds with a negative (-) number indicates what you must bet to make $100 profit and a positive (+) number indicates how much you might profit if you bet $100.

Say, Manchester United @ -119. You must have wagered 119 to profit 100. Say, you stake 100 @ -119 (converting US Odds to Decimal using 119/100 = 1.19) 100 x 1.19 = payout of 219.00.

American Odds aSports

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