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How to register and create a new account?
  1. Visit and click PLAY NOW.
  2. Select your preferred Language.
  3. Click on JOIN located on the upper right hand corner.
  4. You will need to fill in the relevant information indicated on the CREATE an ACCOUNT page: (please provide valid information)
  • Email Address
  • Contact number
  • Currency
  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Date for Birth
  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Affiliate ID
  • Validation code


  • You can only create one (1) account using one (1) email address and phone number during sign up.
  • If you are using a private internet connection, you are only allowed to register 1 user account with W88.
  • We require all members to be 18 years old and above to create and join W88.
How to Update My Profile?
1. How to complete my registration? Please login to your membership account and click on “Profile” next to Fund to complete your registration.

  • Both valid Email address and Contact Number is necessary to complete your profile.
  • Please update your latest email address and contact number. We encourage our member to register with a valid mobile number to receive an sms from us.
  • Your Banking Details. The benefits for registering your banking details for fast and speedy transaction from us when your next Fund In or Out.

Please contact our 24/7 Customers Support for assistance to update your details to receive an account validation. 2. How to receive my account safety validation?

  • You will receive a notification to validate your latest information through an email and a short message (sms) through your mobile number. Please ensure that you have registered with a valid email address and mobile number.

3. What is the benefit after I have completed my account profile?

  • Member will receive a total of $5 (for MYR member – currency equivalent to MYR30.00) Free Bet from once your account is completed with a valid email address, contact information and your banking details and mostly importantly received your verification and validated.
  • Member will enjoy a different set of Free Bet base on your account safety profile:

a. Valid Email Address – $1 b. Valid Contact Number – $3 c. Successful Profile Verification – $1 3. Why is my Free Bet is under locked status and how to unlock it?

  • Once we have successfully validated your account and updated your Shield to 100%, the system will reserved you with a Free Bet total of $5. You will see that you have this Free Bet amount in your main account wallet once you have at least one successful deposit transaction and one withdrawal transaction with a minimum of $15.00.
  • The system will automatically release your free bet amount into your main wallet once both of the conditions are met.

4. How many times can I get this Free Bet when each time I updated my profile?

  • You will be entitled only one time per account. It is adviseable to register your valid profile details in full during account safety profile to receive our free bet in full amount.

5. My account is registered before September 24th, 2014, can I receive a free bet when I complete my Account Safety Profile?

  • This Account Safety Profile program to receive a free bet is only available for member with registration from September 24th, 2014 (10:01am +8GMT).
  • Member with registration before September 24th, 2014 (23:59:59 +8 GMT) is not entitle for free bet.

Click here for more information and T&C. Visit and click “Forgot login details?” under “JOIN” button.

How to change my password?
  1. Enter your existing username and email address then click SUBMIT
  2. We’ll then send a temporary password to your registered email and you will require to change password again upon the first login by provided password.
  3. Please click here to speak to our LiveHelp if you forgot your username as well.

Note: don’t forget to check your spam folder in case it’s been routed there.

How to input correct and secure password?
Your W88 password should have minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters. Special characters – symbols such as &,*,+,=,’, etc. – are not accepted. Tips for a secure password

  • It must include at least 8 characters and max 10 characters.
  • Don’t use your username as part of the password.
  • Make your password hard to guess but something you’ll remember.
  • Don’t use passwords that are easy to guess, such as “password” or “12345678”.
  • Don’t use only a dictionary word, your name, e-mail address, or other personal information that can easily be obtained.


Where can I see W88’s latest Promotion?
  1. Click on PROMOS tab.
  2. Choose Promos category: New member, Reload, Special, Rebate.
  3. Click here to go to PROMOS page.
How to claim 20% WELCOME BONUS?
  1. Login to W88.
  2. Click FUND$ and choose TRANSFER tab.
  3. Choose from Main wallet and indicate which Product wallet you want to transfer your deposit.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  5. Enter the bonus Code
  6. Click SUBMIT

More exciting promos, click here!

Deposit and Withdrawal

What are the Conditions for making a DEPOSIT?
  1. You can use your bank account details or if you do not have one, you may do over the counter deposits with you as the main depositor.
  2. W88 enables you to make Cash Deposit Method via ATM machine as well as mobile/internet banking.
  3. 3rd party deposit is not allowed to ensure security for a smoother process and faster transaction.
  4. We have a minimum deposit amount as indicated on our Deposit page.
How to make a deposit?
To speed up and ensure the fast processing, please follow below steps when make a new deposit:

  1. Contact our Live Customer Service supporter to get the latest bank account details
  2. Deposit into that provided bank account
  3. Login to W88 once you have transferred your money then go to FUND$ >> Deposit Page.
  4. Fill up all details required in deposit form:
    1. Deposit amount
    2. Date and time you make deposit
    3. Select bank account you wish to use
    4. Your account name
    5. Your account number
    6. Reference ID:

i.      ATM: if you deposited by ATM, you need to put your bank account number ii.      Internet banking: if you deposited by InternetBanking, you need to put your reference number which provided by your bank. iii.      Counter Banking: if you deposited by CounterBanking, you need to put your full name

  1. After you have submitted your deposit form, please give us 15 minutes to process your request and then check your balance with W88.
  2. If it’s over 15 minutes and your deposit amount is not yet credited, please contact our Live Chat support for more information.
How to check if bank offline or online?
You just simply go to Deposit tab under Funds$ page and check the indicators whether it is RED (OFFLINE) or BLUE (ONLINE).
What should I do if I’ve made a deposit transaction during bank offline period?
You may require you to submit to us the screenshot of your full details of receipt to mailbox [email protected]. We shall verify and make considerations with your deposit and contact you back if your W88 account is eligible to get an advance credit. This is W88’s effort to facilitate member’s continuous enjoyment and gaming pleasure without any interruption.
What is the condition for the withdrawal?
Below are the instances for you to make a Successful Withdrawal:

  1. If you didn’t claim any bonus, you only need to meet one (1) time rollover from your deposit amount.
  2. If you claimed any bonus or promotion, you are required to meet the specific rollover stated on each bonus or promotion that you have claimed.
  3. During bank OFFLINE, we may grant Advance credit (after approval) to your account and withdrawal can be made once we have verified and received the amount.
  4. For 3rd party withdrawal, W88 will not approve such transaction. Member needs to use his/her own bank account details to make such withdrawal.
  5. In certain cases, we may request some documentation to verify your account: this is to comply with this legal requirement and to ensure security is priority for all our customers.
How to make a withdrawal?
  1. Member should have sufficient fund in Main Wallet with rollover met as stated in CONDITION for Withdrawal.
  2. Go to FUNDS$ page and click WITHDRAWAL.
  3. Please fill in the accurate information’s as following:
    1. Withdrawal amount
    2. Bank
    3. Branch
    4. Address
    5. Your account name
    6. Your account number
    7. Mobile No.
    8. Notify Me Through Mobile (tick box)

4. Click WITHDRAW once you have completed all the steps. 5. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 15 – 30 minutes from the time you have completed and submitted your withdrawal request. (if the bank is not offline) Note: if the bank is offline, processing would be taken longer.

How to check my deposit/withdrawal request?
  1. From FUND$ page, click on HISTORY. Indicate the start Date and End date (Date you made the withdrawal request)
  2. Click SUBMIT
  3. You will be able to see your transaction request and STATUS.
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