Fishing Master – Special Room

Fishing Master (Fishing1) launched a new ‘Special Room’ feature!


This special room only available for players who attained the maximum level (Level 80) inside the Fishing Master game. The payout rate for this room is lower than the existing normal rooms. This will means the fishes in the special room are easier to kill to create more winning excitement for the players.


Special Room name as ‘Deep sea Toad’

The skin of the fishes in the special room has been changed to gold color to give players a slightly different gaming experience


This room will only be opened on weekends and special occasions, such as on Chinese New Year


Special Room Open Day (March 2018)


2 March 2018

3 March 2018

4 March 2018

8 March 2018

10 March 2018

11 March 2018

17 March 2018

18 March 2018

24 March 2018

25 March 2018


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