2018 World Cup – Final

France vs Croatia (Final)

The time has come for France and Croatia to show the world just who is the best footballing nation this year. These two sides employ very conservative tactics and have a habit of scoring when defences least expect.

It will be interesting to see how these unbeaten teams will fare on the biggest stage of the 2018 World Cup and while we could expect a cagey start to the final, Croatia look like they will cause an upset on a massive scale. Just like how Dalic managed to shackle Messi against Argentina, Mbappe will be closed out very effectively.

And while the French have attacking depth in their defence via Pavard, his habit of running down the flanks could allow room for Croatia to counter-attack. If all else fails, the battle between the midfielders will be the decider –Pogba & Kante vs Modric and Rakitic. The French pairing is there to help the defence, while the Croatian pair is known for their attacking prowess. Expect goals – a lot of them.


Prediction: France 4-0 Croatia






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