Presenting World’s First Texas Mahjong Game on January 3rd, 2016

W88 is proudly to Presenting World’s First Texas Mahjong Game on January 3rd, 2016.

Texas Mahjong is invented with concept of creative, innovative of mixture gaming style from Western and Eastern.
It combines the playing idea with Texas Poker and Chinese Mahjong.

In the recent years, the popularity of the game has attracted many Asian and Western which often host Mahjong Tournaments for modern and traditional mahjong games.

Because of the popular of this game and mahjong culture is still deeply ingrained in the Chinese community, W88 has innovated a new game of skill using the combination of Texas Poker and Mahjong in a modernise way to play the game.

You may enjoy the trending betting experience with Texas Mahjong of course, we will take a short journey here to introduce the Texas Mahjong here.



After login into your Texas Mahjong lobby, member needs to choose either a “Normal Table”, “Sit&Go Table” or “Tournament” to begin and play. offer various type of tournaments and prizes.

1. Normal Table : Normal Game Pace
2. Sit&Go Table: The game started as soon as enough players registered
3. Tournament : Schedule Tournament





For Sit & Go and Tournament needs full enrollment before a game can be started.

For Free Table will be running with minimum 2 players




Table Game Interface






Member need to create a “nickname” once you have login into your Texas Mahjong lobby. The nickname is to represent you in Texas Mahjong table. You may select your favaourite Avatar in the game as well.






Waiting for times to start a game? Click “Quick Join”

Quick Join

Quick Join


Feeling mess with abundance of tables ?  Filter them with below options:

1. Hide full table
2. Hide Empty table
3. Show Registering only
4. Show Completed only


Playing with “Fast” feature

Select “Fast” to enroll yourself into a Fast playing game, it takes shorter but faster time to decide in Call/Check/Fold/Raise the game.






Texas Mahjong game is played from 2 to 6 players in each hand, and is played using the Mahjong’s Characters suit such as:

1. Character Suit
2. Circle Suit
3. Joker tiles





Texas Mahjong game is forms a hand of Five (5) tiles in a particular combination such as


To begin, member will receive Seven (7) tiles. In the Game Room, you will see a “Dealer’, “Big Blind” and “Small Blind”. Member need to place a bet amount similar to the big blind or more in order to continue the game. Thereafter, the Eight (8th) tiles will then be drawn

and to every member after all the members have agreed on the same bet amount. During the stipulated time, each of the members can discard a tile if there is no winner(s) after drawing the Eight (8th) tile. Except for a “Joker” tile. Joker tile cannot be discarded. The process will continue until one or more winners winning the hand (winning combination) upon drawing the Eight (8th) tile.

The winner takes the pot if a member makes a bet that is not called by any of the other members at the table. If there were two or more winners, the pot is split equally between the winners upon drawing the Eight (8th) tile.






Game Play Interactive (GPI) offers various types of Tournaments and bigger prizes to be won

Type of Tournaments:
1. Sit and Go Tournament
2. Scheduled Tournament

To enter for the Tournament, you need to pay for the Tournament and host fee.

1. Sit and Go Tournament
Minimum member to start the tournament is six (6).
The tournament will begin anytime once the required numbers of members are in.

2. Scheduled Tournament
Member need to register to participate prior the tournament begin.
Minimum member to start the tournament is pre-determined by the tournament organizer.
Tournament will begin at the pre-determined time by the tournament organizer.

*For the Tournaments, Game Play Interactive (GPI) release waive Tournament Entry Fee and host fee, and Fully Sponser Tournaments Dairy Prizes and Weekly Bigger Prizes Total up to RMB40,999.00. Is good time for you to mend your Texas Mahjong skill and win the Big Prizes.


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Visit Texas Mahjong Site.

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